It’s how you say it that matters

Whispers and innuendos, the power of a sigh, the suggestion of a silence, the meaning of words when they mean something entirely different. There is something uniquely stimulating about intimate conversation particularly when they take place between people who have never met.

I was invited to a party the other day, one where one is encourage to mingle, and mingle is not what I am good at.  Still, I can hold a conversation and if engaged, can hold my own, and this is exactly what I was doing.  Engaging in meaningless conversations, and holding my own.

And then she walked right passed me and just like a breeze in the morning mist, I got a sniff of her delicate perfume and then she was gone.  But there was something else that felt at that passing and briefest moment, her smile, and her silence as if it was saying hello.

All evening I looked for her, seeing her engaged in her own conversations and by the looks of the people she was talking to, she was certainly holding her own.

She had a way of tilting her head when laughing, and the laugh that bounced softly around her, back and forth and up, catching everyone in its path.

If she knew I was looking at her, she never showed it and as the evening wined down and the guests began to take their leaves, glancing around hoping to catch a last glimpse her, there she was, standing in front of me, serious with a smile on her face.

If I told you she looked like one of those Japanese dolls, her beautiful face, perfect in every sense, I would of course be lying. She was way more than that.  She was perfection, and whilst I had heard glimpses of her rolling laughter, I had never actually heard her voice.

And then she spoke. And her words were like laughter, only serious, with the potential of thunder at every breath she took.

cheap-phone-sex-suddenly-sexShe certainly had mastered the art of the voice… There are those who steal your heart with a glance, others with a smile, some with their beauty, but this woman stole mine with a combination of all. It was breathtaking, a moment of clarity when everything becomes what nature intended.

My name is Karen she said with a smile in her voice. Why don’t you call me one of these days… And before I could even respond, she put business card in the palm of my hand, curled my fingers around it and said: “Don’t look at it until I am gone!”

And then she was… Gone… In quick, sensual steps she walked through the door and disappeared.  All that was left was the magic of her, permeating every pore, ringing every sense, floating, bouncing.

There are times like that when you know you have met the person who meant for you.  I felt this was it.  And then I looked at her business card. It had one name, one sentence under it, and a telephone number.

Suddenly Cheap Phone Sex

It was as it should have been… A dream, a fantasy, only this one was within reach, if only I could forget my pride and actually call her…